Grass Fed. Grain Finished.

Steroid, Antibiotic and GMO Free.

At Armstrong Family Farm our beef are slow raised. They are grass fed until the last few months where they are also fed barley that is GMO free and grown in our own fields. That means you get lean beef with just a nice amount of marbling throughout. Our beef are born and raised to market weight on our farm, alleviating the stress of being shipped multiple times. They are raised in a healthy, stress free environment with no added steroids and no unessessary antibiotics. The beef is processed at at a local butchers and dry aged for approximately two weeks.

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$5/lb (hung weight)

1/4, 1/2 and whole.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does a quarter beef cost?

The price is $4.75 per pound, cut and wrapped. This price is based on the hung weight (which is after the animal has been killed and before it has been butchered into individual pieces). We advise people to budget between $700-$950 for a quarter beef. The weight and price depends on the exact size of the animal. We find out the weight of the animal from our butcher. The higher the price, the more beef you will get.

How much actual beef will I get with a quarter beef?

Genereally you should get around 90-110lbs of beef. It depends on the size of the animal and how you want it cut.

What cuts can I get?

When you get a quarter beef you can pick and choose how it is cut. It all depends on what you prefer to eat. We have a "standard cut" that includes steaks, roasts, ground beef, stewing beef and hamburgers. Or you can select all your specific cuts. If you are a great 'at home chef', you might try the brisket, shank, flank and more.

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When and How do I select my beef cuts?

One-two weeks before the beef goes to the butcher we will send you a form to fill out that explains all the cuts and gives you all the options. You have approximaitely a week to fill it out so there is lots of time to discuss the options with your family. We explain every cut on the form to make things easy for you. If you still have any questions we are happy to help you out. We want to make sure you understand what you are getting.

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How do I pay?

When you let us know that you would like to purchase a quarter beef we will send you a down payment invoice for $500. We ask that you pay by e-transfer. Once we receive that payment, you are on our list to get a quarter beef with our next order. When the butcher informs us that the beef is ready to be picked up, we will send you an invoice for the remaining amount (around $100 - $300, depending on the final weight determined by the butcher). You will again pay that by e-transfer. There is no bill for you to pay at the butcher as our price includes the cutting and wrapping.

How will my beef be packaged?

Most of the beef will be flash frozen in brown butcher paper that is labelled with the cut. Ground beef will be sealed in 1 lb white bags. Hamburgers will come in a 10 lb white box. Soup bones and organs will come in regular clear bags.

When and Where do I pick up my beef?

We will email you when your beef is ready to be picked up. You pick up the beef at the butchers - J Mar Meats at 391064 Grey Road, #109, Mount Forest. They have typical business hours and are open Saturdays. Out of courtesy for the butcher, we ask that you pick up the beef within a week of us emailing you. You simply tell them you are picking up a quarter beef from Armstrong Family Farm and it will be under your name.

How much room in my freezer do I need for a quarter beef?

You definitly need a deep freezer/chest freezer. The space needed depends a bit on how you get your beef cut. (If you get bones and organs, hamburgers made up etc... ). You will receive roughly three large boxes (think typical moving box size). The items, however, can be taken out of the boxes and placed in your freezer whatever way works best. Best to give yourself lots of room. Impressively, we have seen a customer artfully fit a quarter beef into the smallest available chest freezer, with a large amount of food already in it!